March 24, 2014

New Camera, Lots of photos

We decided to take some picture of the progress of spring here in Moncton:

Two of the ADORABLE children of the RS President:

Me at the RS party. They thought it was hilarious that I made myself a nametag in addition to my missionary name tag:

 My drawing of "things that represent me" at the Party:

We had a service exchange. This is what Sister Lewis and I put down:

 The frozen-over bay in Summerside, PEI:

This is as close as I'll ever get to Green Gables:

Weird PEI traffic lights:

My French name tags! 

A picture of the lighthouse by the Confederation Bridge:

Crossing the Confederation Bridge:

Sister Lewis and I were really tired when we got back, and she gets really cuddly when she's tired. So this is a picture of her cuddling and logging into Skype at the same time:

A picture of my French name tag with my mission scripture:

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