August 11, 2013


We took Jaxcine's coffee and cigarettes away, and then kept forgetting to get rid of it, so we drove around for a few days with a big grocery bag of substances in our car by accident. We thought it was pretty funny.
 We were contacting last Sunday in Eastern Passage, and I turned around and looked at the ocean and suddenly realized, woah, this is my area!
Sister Leavey and I with Sister Wilkinson, the new missionary, at the airport.
Myself using a hammer.
A funny list the Elders made that we found in our apartment.
The sisters in our Zone. I totally forgot to write about Zone Training! It was pretty uneventful, except for the drive there. Elder Bullock is now the district leader over two companionships of sisters, and he was really nervous. We all drove to Kentville, over an hour away, in a Dodge Caravan, which sounds like the Millenium Falcon coming out of hyperspace whenever you slow down quickly. So I kept making Star Wars jokes, and after a couple he said, "Serving with sisters just went from normal to cool." hahaha. So the sisters in the picture are Sister Weaver, Sister Leavey, Sister Laxtin, Sister Pizzey, Sister Thompson, me, and Sister Echols.
 Also, we call Elder Bullock "The Relief Society President." Hahahaha
Sister Thompson and I
Sister Pizzey, Sister Thompson, and I - MTC buddies!

Sister Echols and I

We were tracting, and this Asian family was taking a picture in front of this random moose statue, so we took a picture for them, and then they offered to take one of us. Haha.

All the sisters who got transferred this transfer - Sister Davis, Sister Pizzey, Sister Weaver, Sister Echols, Sister Drew, me, Sister Thompson, Sister Broadhead, and Sister Laxtin, whose name I may have misspelled.

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